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I – Carnitine

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Vogue Wellness L-Carnitine tablets for Weight management Strength Stamina Pack of 1 – 60 tablets


Vogue Wellness L-Carnitine tablets are a blend of ingredients that help in improving strength and stamina. By helping in reducing muscle problems, L-Carnitine tablets can improve performance and extend the duration of muscular exertion before fatigue.

Features: L-Carnitine helps in converting fat into energy and also helps in controlling weight. It can also be used as a pre and post-workout supplement.

Uses: Vogue Wellness L-Carnitine tablets help in increasing energy levels and also delaying muscle fatigue. These tablets also help in improving athletic performance and also enhancing endurance.


  1. Vogue wellness L-Carnitine tablets are made up of ingredients that help in maintaining the purity and quality of the supplement.
  2. Vogue wellness L-Carnitine tablets 1-2 tablets daily or as directed by health service provider.
  • Vogue wellness L-Carnitine tablets contain ingredients like Levocarnitine and many more nutrients that help in getting better stamina.
  • L-Carnitine tablets help in converting fat into energy. It also helps in controlling weight & getting lean.
  • Vogue Wellness L-Carnitine tablets help in improving muscle growth, delaying muscle fatigue, and also help in working as fuel for skeletal muscles.
  • Vogue Wellness L-Carnitine tablets help in increasing athletic performance and improving endurance which makes it a better pre and post-workout supplement.
  • RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Regular supplementation of L-Carnitine tablets helps in maintaining better body and strength. Take 1-2 Vogue wellness L-Carnitine tablets a day or as directed by a health service provider.

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best l carnitine for runners
I - Carnitine
1,079.10 1,079.10
20 in stock


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