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Antioxidant Supplements: Boon To Your Health

In our daily life, every individual has their special ‘to do’ priority list which has to be done by the end of the day.

These priority lists vary from person to person, some people have money & career at the top, some have kids, and some have adventures and so on. But one thing that people avoid which deserves to be at top of all is “Health”. No doubt some people are concerned about their health but have no time to focus on their dietary nutrients.

So, here comes the Antioxidant supplements in the frame. Having a good lifestyle with morning exercise & healthy diet intake may not be sufficient to fulfil the need of nutrients in the body and requires some extra efforts. To lower down these extra efforts we have come up with some best antioxidant supplements in the form of tablets & capsules for easy consumption. These tablets are one of the easy sources to complete the antioxidants requirements in your body. Before moving ahead with the buying process of antioxidants supplements to enhance your health and productivity in life, it is important for you to know about antioxidants and its supplements.

What are Antioxidants and Why are they added to foods?

Antioxidants are the substances which help in the prevention of oxidation. In simple words, antioxidants protect body cells & tissues from free-radicals that cause harm to them by donating its electrons to unstable or unpaired electrons.

Antioxidants also known as free-radical scavengers, perform an important system called an Antioxidant Defence Mechanism. In this, antioxidants inhibit or stabilize the free-radicals from oxidizing the other stable atoms or molecules in the body. Antioxidants carry a free electron to donate it to unstable electrons before it could damage the vital cells of the body.

Some commonly known antioxidants: Beta-carotene, Catechins, Copper, Cryptoxanthin, Allium sulphur compounds, lycopene, lutein etc.

Now let us discuss free-radicals in brief for your better understanding.

What Are Free-Radicals:-

These are the unpaired or unstable molecules with a free electron in their shelf. They are highly reactive and affect the stability of other paired atoms and molecules as well. It oxidizes or breaks the bond of other electrons to stabilize their atom. These free radicals can generate more like them but they don’t survive for long as they have a short life span.

These atoms or molecules can lead to inflammatory diseases, cataract and severe disease like cancer etc. It can directly affect the DNA and RNA causing some serious genetic disorders.

How Free-Radicals Are Produced?

In the human body, there are several reactions going through inside it which eventually leads to the generation of these unpaired electron atoms. Activities such as food oxidation and metabolic activities are the main sources of its origin in the body. While these reactions occur, there is leakage of electrons causing unstable atoms in the body.

There are some external factors as well, like- Drugs, alcohol, Cigarette smoke, Radiations, Ozone, Pollutants, exercise & etc.


Super anion, Hydroxyl Radical, Organic HydroPeroxide, Peroxynitrite.

Hence it’s clear that controlling and balancing its generation is important for body tissues and cells healthy growth. Free-radicals are decomposed or controlled by ANTIOXIDANTS.

Role & Working of Antioxidants:-

As you have seen in the above section, how much these free-radicals can be harmful to your body & it’s functioning, hence it gets important to reduce its number in the body and prevent its production in high or imbalanced form.

Antioxidants work mainly in two ways:

  • Donation: It donates its electron to already formed free-radicals to pair the unstable and unpaired electron making it stable atom or molecule thus, breaking the chain of reaction.
  • Prevention: it prevents the generation of such disturbing and harmful atoms straight in the time of reactions and leakage of an electron.

Other than the above two, it also helps in the repairing of damaged cells & tissues and plays an important role in the DNA repair system through different antioxidants such as glycosylated and nucleases.

Therefore it becomes essential for your body to have enough antioxidants. As aforementioned, in our day to day busy life it has become a bit tough task to maintain the good amount of this substance, hence an easy way is to buy antioxidant supplements and complete the nutrients of your incomplete meal.

What Are The Types Of Antioxidants?

While talking about its classification, there are mainly two types of antioxidants:


Enzymatic antioxidants are naturally produced proteins (some may be acids) by the body to speed up some reactions occurring inside the body. They don’t decompose after the use, they are like a catalyst. In the human body there are mainly four enzymatic antioxidants:

  • Superoxide Dismutase: in this, superoxide anion (free-radical) combines with hydrogen ions to form hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This process requires Mg & Cu.
  • Catalase: this hydrogen peroxide converted into water molecule (H20) with the help of catalase and peroxidase. Since hydrogen peroxide is a dangerous and unstable by-product of natural reactions of the body, they are immediately converted into other substances to lower down its impact.
  • Glutathione process: it includes Glutathione peroxidase & Glutathione reductase both work as a catalyst to breakdown the hydrogen peroxide into water molecules & oxygen.

Other than these enzymes, there are some non-enzymatic substances who work as antioxidants, these come into the body from outside whereas some are endogenous:-

  • Exogenous/Nutritional: these are taken from outside the body in form of foods, drinks or supplements. They are further classified as:-
    >> Vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin C & vitamin E are the substances which act as antioxidants. In these, Vitamin E is the most important substance which plays a crucial role in the breaking of chain reaction.
    >> Minerals: Minerals such as Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mg), Copper (Cu) & Selenium (Se). Here, Zn, Mg & Cu play their vital role in superoxide dismutase. Whereas, Se is important for Glutathione peroxidase.
  • Endogenous: these substances are produced by the body- Ceruloplasmin, Uric Acid, transferrin, bilirubin, ferritin, lipoic acid.

Different Sources Of Antioxidants:

As we all are aware of the importance of antioxidants, now the question comes from where you can have it or intake it. More broadly, you can get these either by daily dietary food or in the form of supplements.

From FOODS:-

Food that includes a rich amount of antioxidants is mainly plant-based such as fruits and vegetables. There are some other foods also that contain antioxidants such as nuts, whole grains, some fishes etc.

List of few common plant-based antioxidants are:-

  • Zinc – beans, seafood, lean meat, milk and nuts.
  • Omega 3 – chia seeds, flax seeds, berries, beans, spinach.
  • Vitamin E – vegetable oils, avocados, seeds, nuts and whole grains.
  • Vitamin A – liver, carrots, sweet potatoes, milk, and egg yolks.
  • Vitamin C – oranges, kiwifruit, mangoes, broccoli, blackcurrants, spinach, capsicum and strawberries.
  • Beta-carotene – pumpkin, apricots, mangoes, carrots, spinach and parsley
  • Catechins – red wine and tea.
  • Copper – seafood, lean meat and nuts.
  • Manganese – rice, seafood, lean meat, milk and nuts.
  • Selenium – spinach, potato, seafood, offal, lean meat and whole grains.

No doubt these foods can be a good source of required nutrients & minerals, but do you know how much of its intake will be enough for the body? Well, nowadays when everything has its quick or fast version, these foods & its nutrients have also been packed in small bottles but with a great impact which can save your time as well as it accomplishes the needed amount without much attention or time of yours.

These quick bites are best known as Antioxidant Supplements, which you can purchase online easily from your site.


Supplements are found in the form of tablets, capsules or powder for the easy intake. These tablets contain the pure form of nutrients which are incomplete in your daily meal.

We offer the best antioxidant supplements in the market for your better health and future. These tablets or capsules are composed of Vitamins & minerals which are essential for breaking the chain of free-radicals and repairing the cells in your body. They can be found in single substance tablets like capsules of vitamin E only, or they can be a combination of substances like glutathione & vitamin C together in a capsule. And without much hard work, you can easily get the best antioxidant supplements in India from our site.

Why Supplements Of Antioxidant:

Several factors are there which makes it necessary for you to include in your daily life routine. Other than its scientific benefits, it has some more underrated reasons which have the calibre to impress you and become part of your diet. They are:-

  • FAST & EASY: our body needs a lot more nutrients than we think or intake. It requires efforts to get sufficient amounts of substances essential for the body, it needs your time to go to the market and purchase fruits and veggies, and it needs your efforts to cook them efficiently so that it won’t lose its beneficiary substances and so on. We have come up to resolve all your daily struggle, with Antioxidant supplements. They are just one gulp away, no pre-planning for cooking, and no regular shopping. You can easily buy some of the best antioxidants online in India through our site.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE: since they are pure nutrient substances, there is nothing much work to do by the body, unlike foods, which needs to be digested in several stages and then absorption of substances occur. You can take the tablets & capsules of antioxidants after your regular meal to get the fast and more efficient results. Obviously, fruits & veggies will do its work, but it will take time and maybe less in amount, whereas antioxidants tablets can easily complete the gap.
  • PAINLESS BOON: no one can deny the fact that everyone wants fast results and for this, some people even go for high dose injections which are definitely painful. On other hand, these antioxidant supplements are the best way to get fast results in no time and no pain. You just need to have it after your regular diet with some water and you are good to go for an energetic and glowing day.
  • NO TORTURE TO TASTE BUDS: it is quite strange but felt by many of us that maximum healthy foods are not so good in taste, even if you somehow force yourself to eat those food items who don’t delight your taste buds but, there is a time when even your taste buds will give up. And this irregularity will lead to no good results. Therefore tablets & capsules of antioxidants are the best way to skip the torture on your tongue. They are small buttons which give no bitter or sour taste. Hence you can be regular on it without feeling any trouble.
  • EASY TO GET: you don’t need to go to the market and look for the freshness of a product like you need to do for fruits & veggies. We are here to deliver the best Antioxidants tablets & capsules at your doorstep. You just need to follow a few steps like registering yourself, choose your desired product, click and order. Buying antioxidant supplements is that easy as you just read above.

Benefits Of Antioxidants:

In our body, several reactions are going on which leads to leakage of free-radicals who causes damage to our cells & tissues. To fight back these harmful radicals, Antioxidants play a major role. Other than this there is a list of some other beneficial facts of antioxidants & its supplements:-

  • Heart health: antioxidants like Vitamin E Vitamin C and selenium helps to reduce the risk of CHD (Coronary Heart Diseases). Improves the performance of the heart.
  • Weight loss: some antioxidants like polyphenol helps in breaking of fats and reduces the intake of calories which eventually leads to weight & fat loss keeping your gut healthy.
  • Better reproductive function: oxidative stress caused by free-radicals impairs the process of ovulation and other fertility activities, hence controlling them becomes important for healthy fertilization which is done by antioxidants.
  • Improved nervous system: oxidative process leads to damage of many cells including cells of the nervous system too. This damage can lead to serious chronic disease like Alzheimer’s disease. Antioxidants not only stop this damage, but it helps in the repairing as well.
  • Anti-ageing: includes the healthy and glowing skin irrespective of age. After a certain age, we all notice our skin starts getting dull and develops patches. Vitamin A & Vitamin C have some great anti-ageing properties to avoid wrinkles on the skin.
  • Protects liver: since most of the free-radicals are formed in the liver, it is at the most risk. To neutralize the impact of oxidation, antioxidants play an important role here.
  • Healthy respiratory system: during the respiratory burst there is a release of superoxide anions, to make it stable, antioxidants are vital. Vitamin C is one of those substances helping in the improvement of respiration.
  • Quality sleep: antioxidants like manganese helps you to fall asleep faster and longer without any breaks.
  • Good dental health: most of us are tired with the plague in mouth & other gum diseases. Vitamin A, C & E can be a strong weapon to fight against these germs in the mouth.
  • Supports kidney: vitamin E & selenium helps to deal with AKI (Acute Kidney Injury). It also improves the quality of haemodialysis.
  • Increases immunity: antioxidants help the immune system to work effectively against oxidative stress. It helps in repairing the cells making them stop the foreign microbe to be absorbed in the tissues. It also helps in increasing the wound healing process.
  • Clear & healthy vision: vitamins like C & E with zinc helps in reducing certain eye disease such as cataract. It also helps in improving the vision.
  • Improves digestion: it helps in the breakdown of fats and improves the rate of reaction which results in good metabolic activity.

Hence, antioxidants not only helps in fighting with free-radicals but also helps you to look beautiful and feel beautiful. It improves your skin and hair growth for your external beauty & improves your digestion for inner energy growth.

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Our Antioxidant Products

Products with our label are made for your better health and life. We dream of a world with active and happy people with no stress of illness of any other disease. We provide antioxidant tablets for skin & hair, capsules and tablets for better immunity and heart functioning and many more. Our best antioxidant supplements are:-

  • VOQ-10: an energy booster supplement, which improves the energy level, blood pressure levels and heart rate. Its benefits don't end here only it has many more effective results. It is mainly composed of omega 3 fatty acid, Coenzyme Q10 & alpha lipoic acid. It can help you to start your day with a bang and help you to keep charged a full day.
  • Oxivog: easy support in losing weight is our pocket-friendly product which has green tea extracts along with beta-carotene, lycopene & methylcobalamin. It has anti-ageing properties, enhancing your skin. Helps in energy level & immunity boost. The list doesn't end here. It will give some magical impact to your health, making you feel young always.
  • Andro Young: a nutritional supplement that fulfils the gap of many nutrients that are missing from your dining plate. It has a great impact on your cardiovascular health, immunity, endurance and all.

Products on our site are trustworthy and reliable. Many people with deficiency of some necessary substances who are vegan or vegetarian are suggested to have meat and fishes for their health benefits. We care about your beliefs. We have antioxidant supplements with green dots symbolising it as good for vegetarians. We have the required substances from different sources to compile them in the form of tablets and capsules, protecting your beliefs. It makes us the best option for you to choose for antioxidant tablets and capsules.

Order Antioxidant Supplement Online:

Buying antioxidants online is now simple in India. We have come up with some useful supplements to boost your health & beauty to the next level with care. Our main goal is to deliver the best antioxidant supplement to you whether it is for skin, hair, immunity or heart. We are committed towards the health benefits of you and your loved ones. Our best products are mostly capsules or tablets of antioxidants which make them easy to be consumed by you. We offer the best deals on antioxidant tablets and capsules with great discounts for pocket-friendly health care. We deliver our products all over India with the fastest possible delivery time. We focus on the quality of the product and its organic nature makes it the best antioxidant supplement option for you in India.

Vogue Wellness India has a wide range of Genuine Health Supplements which you can buy at discounted price. We have a wide collection of Antioxidants, Anti-Stress and Energy Boosters, Coenzyme Q10 Supplement, Hair, Nails And Skin Supplements, Immunity Boosters, Protein Supplements, Joint Pain Relief Supplements, Liver Tonic and Supplements, Supplements for Men Sexual Health, oil supplements for skin, pre and probiotic supplements, and Skin Supplements.

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