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Top 7 Ayurvedic remedies to boost your immunity the natural way

Top 7 Ayurvedic remedies to boost your immunity the natural way

Wondering how to boost your immunity to take precautions against COVID-19? It is known to all of us that a strong immune system is a perfect solution to tackle COVID-19.  From this, the next question arises, how can you boost your immunity in a way that does not cause any kind of harm to your body? The solution has always been sitting right in front of us, the miraculous solutions of Ayurveda!

Ayurveda is a 5000-year old traditional medical system that originated in India. Some references also call it one of the oldest healing science ever created in the world. Ayurveda mainly uses herbs and roots that have potent medicinal value, either used alone or combined with other ingredients to balance the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha levels in the body.

This helps in improving your immune system and keeping you healthy. In Ayurveda, immunity is called Ojas, or the supreme resilience of the body to fight against diseases. When your body gets adequate and balanced nourishment, your Ojas becomes very strong and you tend to stay healthy. So to keep your Ojas in check and keeping COVID-19 at bay  here 7 Ayurvedic remedies to boost your immunity naturally:

Make sure you take atleast one or more of the following every day during the lockdown.


This herb is an immunity booster, because of its significant antioxidant content. Its antioxidant properties keep the body healthy and also release toxins to help fight infections and diseases. Giloy also helps in healthy digestion.
The combined effect of this herb with all its natural qualities helps effectively boost immunity. Giloy is bestowed with anti-inflammatory properties and is popularly known for reducing respiratory problems like frequent cough, cold, and tonsils. Now, because it is also an adaptogen, it calms down your mind, boosts memory, and helps reduce stress as well as anxiety.
One way you could consume Giloy is by adding Giloy juice to water and drinking it on an empty stomach. If you are someone who dislikes the taste of this natural herb, we have a solution. You could replace the Giloy juice with the 100% herbal Giloy tablets by Vogue Wellness, which is one of the best herbal supplements as an immunity booster.


Neem, also called the “miracle herb’ is another antimicrobial herb whose every part, from stem to leaf, is therapeutic and loaded with antioxidants. Neem helps purify your blood and cleanse your body off any unwanted toxins.
Neem has the power to fight inhibitors like fungus, viruses, and bacteria. Neem has proven to be very beneficial for treating skin ulcers, loss of appetite, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gum and liver diseases. Its extract has been used for generations to beautify skin naturally. It helps regulate oil in skin pores to maintain optimum levels of moisture that give your skin a beautiful glow.
Neem has antioxidants and bioactive components that help improve the immune system and shield the body against infections. Thus it is said to be one of the most effective immunity boosters, but due to its bitter taste people don’t consume Neem leaves or stems anymore. Why don’t you try the Vogue Wellness Neem tablets from our Pure Herbs range which is a great alternative to the bitter Neem taste and is one of the best herbal supplements out there?


Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry is one of the main ingredients in Chawananprash, an Ayurvedic concoction specially formulated to boost your immune system and something we have devoured as children.
Being the richest source of Vitamin C, Amla is a great superfood for your immunity, heart, skin, and hair. It builds youthfulness in addition to calming Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha in your body. Amla aids in improving digestion enabling the better breakdown of food that you eat. It is also helpful in detoxifying the entire organ system to promote better health and boost immunity.
You could easily eat one Amla a day but most people dislike it because of its extremely sour taste. If you are looking for an alternative you could try the Vogue Wellness Amla Tablets from our Pureherbs range which are 100% natural herbal solutions as well as the best herbal supplements.


Tulsi is yet another wonder herb that has always been favored by Ayurveda. This tiny aromatic leaf can be your primary line of defense against the deadly COVID-19. Tulsi is a type of basil that is a powerful germicide because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
Equipped with the power of its phytochemicals and antioxidants, it can easily locate germs, viruses, and bacteria the moment they enter your body and destroy them immediately. That’s why it’s considered one of the strongest herbs that amplify your immunity.
You could simply chew a few tulsi leaves first thing in the morning. You can also add a few drops of water boiled with Tulsi leaves into your food for absorbing all its amazing benefits. Or you could just do it the easy way by taking 100% herbal Tulsi Tablets by Vogue Wellness.


Haldi not only boosts immunity but also has numerous healing properties. The curcumin present in Haldi powerful properties that help in stabilizing your immune system. Haldi is one of the most used and valued spices in all our households because of its anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties.
Haldi’s anti-bacterial agents fuel its antiseptic properties which aid fast healing and curing cuts and burns while its anti-inflammatory action reduces inflammation and the risk of chronic diseases.
Drinking Haldi Doodh or Turmeric milk is one of the most widespread ways of consuming Haldi daily. You can also cook Haldi with your food to boost and enhance immunity. Although we might eat Haldi every day, all of us need that little extra kick to help improve our immune systems.
Thus you could try our Haldi Tables that are 100% herbal and have a heightened dose of curcumin in them. These tablets are great herbal supplements for anyone to have on a daily.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which means it can help you adapt to stress, basically meaning it can help reduce your stress levels. Stress is the culprit that lowers your immune response and makes your body vulnerable to catching viral infections easily.
Ashwagandha is correlated with an increase in white blood cells within the body, which in turn helps in boosting the immune system. You could consume ashwagandha as a powder, but we can understand how that could make some of you uncomfortable. So instead you could try out our 100% herbal Ashwagandha tablets that not only help in boosting immunity but also have multiple other benefits!


Triphala contains the antioxidative properties of three fruits- haritaki, bibhitaki, and amla. It is loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and both these vitamins strengthen your immunity. Not only just it boosts immunity but also improves digestion as it cleanses your digestive tract to effectively remove toxins and waste that cause constipation and in turn helps relieve you of indigestion.
Essentially it is said that you should start your day with Triphala and consume its powder in between meals on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. Although a lot of people might be able to bear with the taste of the powder if you’re someone who is looking to get all the benefits of Triphala and none of the nasty powder you should definitely try our 100% herbal Triphala tablets from our Pureherbs range.

You should try these immune system booster foods recommended by Ayurveda to stay healthy and resilient against disease. These herbs and spices have been used for centuries by our ancestors and then us and we all know how effective these natural remedies are on top of causing no harm whatsoever! Most of us already consume these in our lives every day unknowingly, isn’t that strange yet wonderful?

We suggest you not only incorporate one but try to consume all of them in your daily life to benefit from their medicinal and functional properties. Who doesn’t want to be healthy inside and out? If you do suffer from a medical condition, you must consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet.

During these hard times, we encourage you all to take your health and immunity seriously as they are the most important factors that will help us tackle this deadly virus. We request you to stay healthy, stay safe, and don’t forget to strive to boost your immunity every single day!

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