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21 Ways to Improve Your Liver Health

21 Ways to Improve Your Liver Health

The liver is one of the most important organs in your body you can’t live without. It helps in digesting food by converting the proteins in the blood into digestive forms and also cleanses your blood from toxins by converting them into excretable forms. Your liver is also tasked as the backup supply of glycogen in case your blood sugar level drops suddenly. Considering the range of essential functions it serves, it is only justifiable how people seek out various methods to improve their liver’s health.

How you can boost your liver health?

While modern science might be coming up with ways to strengthen your liver, there are several methods in traditional Indian sciences and culture that are aimed at efficiently boosting your liver’s health. All in all, you need to take care of many things if you want to make sure you have a healthy liver. Some of the ways you can improve your liver health are listed below.

Taking liver tonic: A good way for good liver health

1. Taking liver tonic: A good way for good liver health

In today’s times, there are several liver tonics and supplements available that you can purchase over the counter. However, many of these are known to be over-glorified, and deciding on which one is right might be difficult. One of the types of these liver boosting drinks is Ayurvedic syrup for the liver. These syrups are different forms of herbal liver tonic manufactured using the traditional Indian sciences of Ayurveda. The roots of Ayurveda stretch over 3,000 years back, and it has been ever since been used to maintain good health in India and abroad.

You can use such an Ayurvedic syrup for the liver in itself or in combination with modern medical techniques to maintain a healthy liver. Combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, this will ensure that your liver is performing its function to the best. Using a combination of different natural ingredients to make a herbal liver tonic, these syrups can help in the said ways:

  1. Helps in repair and regrowth of liver cells
  2. Regulating the secretion of bile
  3. Helping in liver detoxification
  4. Promoting healthy digestion and metabolism
  5. Reducing the risk of liver disorder, and helps in controlling them

You can make use of your herbal liver tonic exclusively, or in combination with modern medicine, to boost the health of various organs such as the liver. Combining it with the other ways to improve your liver health will only maximize the efficacy of your Ayurvedic syrup for liver health.

Other ways to improve your liver health

There are several other ways that you can make use of, to complement your Ayurvedic syrups for liver health. These include practices that you can adopt into your lifestyle, as well as a few medical-related techniques, which together ensure that your liver is performing its task to the best so you can rest in assurance.

2. Avoiding over-indulgence regularly

It’s okay to have an occasional night out drinking with your buddies, as this only helps you relax and enjoy. However, try to not make this a regular habit, as large and regular amounts of alcohol cause damage to the liver. This damage can even be irreparable in cases of alcohol addiction. Drinking alcohol in moderation is fine though, and might not lead to any sort of negative effect on liver health.

Avoiding over-indulgence regularly
Avoiding smoking and illicit drugs

3. Avoiding smoking and illicit drugs

Smoking not only causes direct damage to each of your organs including the liver, but it also enhances the negative effects of certain toxins on the liver. The chemicals present in illicit and recreational drugs are also harmful to your liver, so the safest bet is to avoid these illicit drugs altogether.

4. Maintain an active lifestyle

Maintaining a physically active lifestyle by doing regular exercise will do a great deal to boost your liver health. And it doesn’t take much to take a little time out for a brief jogging session in the evening or a yoga session in the morning. Incorporating them as your habits will also ensure your liver is working at its top efficiency.

Maintain an active lifestyle
Drinks that benefit the liver

5. Drinks that benefit the liver

Coffee, green tea and garlic tea are the three drinks known to have a positive impact on your liver’s health. Including them in your diet will ensure their nutritious properties are reaching the liver consistently. This makes sure that your liver’s cells are in top health. Coffee has been shown to prevent liver diseases.

6. Maintaining a healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet will ensure that there is never too much load on your liver and that no harmful substances are passing through your liver’s filtration system. Foods that are healthy for your liver most notably include oatmeal, berries, grapes, pears, nuts and plant food in general. Avoiding fast food and junk food as much as you can also make a great deal of difference in ensuring you have a healthy liver. Starchy foods, oily foods, sugar and salt should also be avoided.

Maintaining a healthy diet
Avoiding certain medications

7. Avoiding certain medications

Some medications, even common ones, can cause a huge impact or stress on your liver. This is because the chemical in your medication needs to pass through the liver to be processed by the body. For example, the common painkiller acetaminophen can harm your liver health, especially if you take too many.

8. Watching your weight

Being overweight leads to stress on all of your body organs, including the liver, and causes liver congestion. Therefore, it’s best to try to have a healthy weight as much as possible, so that your liver can function fully and will be healthy for a long time.

Watching your weight
Make sure you are diabetes-free

9. Make sure you are diabetes-free

Having diabetes can lead to serious damage to the liver. This is because diabetes affects sugar levels, and low sugar levels can cause stress on the liver by making it work more. Therefore, getting your blood sugar levels checked regularly is always a good idea. In case you do have diabetes, you can still keep your blood sugar levels under control through insulin shots.

10. Avoiding high cholesterol levels and hypertension

High levels of bad cholesterol in the blood affect your liver negatively, as they pass through the liver filter system. In addition, hypertension is linked to high cholesterol levels, and keeping them both in check is a healthy practice for your liver.

Avoiding high cholesterol levels and hypertension
Staying safe from infection hepatitis

11. Staying safe from infection hepatitis

Hepatitis is a viral infection that can potentially cause serious damage to your liver. It’s best to stay safe and avoid contracting the virus. There are 3 kinds of hepatitis, namely Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Hepatitis A spreads through contaminated water, while the other two spread through body fluids and blood. Hepatitis C does not even have a vaccine, so it’s best to stay safe while handling medical supplies and during sexual practices.

12. Getting tested for hepatitis

Hepatitis C often does not have any symptoms. You might be born with the disease, or have contracted it along the way. The best way to eliminate the risk of this is to get tested for hepatitis C regularly. Staying in regular touch with your doctor can help you decide when to get tested.

Getting tested for hepatitis
Yoga and working out

13. Yoga and working out

Yoga is rooted in the ancient roots of Ayurveda too. Practicing yoga regularly will not only complement your Ayurvedic syrup for the liver but also help you feel more fresh and active throughout the day. Alternatively, you can practice workout and cardio exercises, as they will also help you maintain good liver health.

14. Avoid weight reduction pills and artificial supplements

Weight reduction pills can often be tempting, as they can facilitate weight reduction and fasten it in overweight individuals. However, these pills have been known to cause damage to the liver, so it’s better to keep your weight balanced through a balanced diet and practices. Some artificial health and dietary supplements available in stories can also contain chemicals that cause damage to liver health.

Avoid weight reduction pills and artificial supplements
Avoid inhaling toxins

15. Avoid inhaling toxins

There are more contaminants and toxins in your physical environment than you may realize. These exist in the form of insecticides, pesticides, aerosol products, air fresheners, smoke, etc. You shouldn’t inhale these sprays, or make physical contact, as if they enter your body they can harm your liver’s health.

16. Use of purgative or laxatives

Ayurveda says that over some time, pitta starts accumulating in your liver and it affects liver health. The occasional use of laxatives will help ensure these substances are purged out of your body, so you can rest assured in peace.

Use of purgative or laxatives
Use of bitter herbs

17. Use of bitter herbs

It has been shown that consuming bitter herbs cause reflexive effects on the digestive system. These effects are in the form of the secretion of gastric juices and motions of the digestive muscles. This helps sure no contaminants accumulate, and your liver stays healthy too.

18. Fasting

Fasting is a practice inculcated in several traditions around the world. Even Ayurveda promotes fasting for a day or two. When you fast, you are giving your liver a break, as it does not have to process any sort of food or other chemicals. This gives the liver time to restore its health and replenish itself.

Meditation and breathing exercises

19. Meditation and breathing exercises

Practicing meditation or even simple breathing exercises regularly helps you relax and ensure you stay stress-free. Since the mind is connected to each of your organs, this means less stress on your liver as well. In this manner, you can achieve a healthy liver.

20. Stimulating your liver chi

Chi is the term for defining the intrinsic energies of different parts of the human body. Your liver has its chi, and keeping it stimulated will help your liver is performing its functions to the optimum. It will also help in the repair and regeneration of liver cells.

Stimulating your liver chi
Expressing yourself

21. Expressing yourself

It is said in Ayurvedic and Chinese sciences that expressing yourself through different means of art, work or speech helps your liver, as pitting intensity needs an outlet. Without this outlet, you might be at a higher risk of liver congestion.

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