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Why do we need Biotin or B7?

A step-to-step guide for gaining natural Biotin through daily food.

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or H, is a part of the vitamin B family and is water-soluble. As it is commonly called, helps in converting certain nutrients into energy. It is beneficial in treating brittle nails, skin and hair problems.


Having mermaid-length locks has been a fantasy of most of ours ever since we were little girls. Yet, for some of us, this goal is not so easily attainable. Hair cycle rates differ from person-to-person thanks to varying factors such as hormones, stress levels genetics, and hair care practices. And as we grow, losing luster in our hair, skin and nails can often have us seeking beauty supplements to improve our outer appearance.

One of the most commonly used beauty vitamins around is biotin. Surf any major retailer or ask your friends about what they take to get longer locks and biotin is sure to be mentioned. Here we uncover the basics of biotin and how this popular vitamin benefits your hair, skin and nails.

Mostly, a wholesome diet contains adequate vitamin B7 to maintain the biotin level in the body, but sometimes one may fall short of biotin and as a consequence, suffer from conditions like hair fall, scaly red rashes on the skin and delicate nails, which break easily.

Moreover, apart from an inadequate diet, alcohol, pregnancy, breastfeeding and biotinidase deficiency are some other causes which can trigger biotin deficiency.

Cognitive health, inflammation, weak liver, tissue repair, cell production, high blood sugar and bad LDL cholesterol are some other health ranges that biotin can additionally influence and improve effectively. It has also been found useful in pregnancy as an essential nutrient for embryonic growth.

Biotin supplements are available over the counter in tablet, capsule and powder forms, and has no side-effects generally, but some people have complained of minor side-effects like cramping, nausea and diarrhea.

Moreover, they have found to have interfered with some medications, like, with those of seizures and thyroid, therefore, it is better to consult a doctor before taking biotin supplements. And, since a pregnant woman is already consuming ample nutrients as prescribed to her, by her doctor and the same, may even contain vitamin B7, she must consult her doctor before taking further supplements of the same.

There are a lot of biotin capsules and tablets available under different brand names in the market. It is better to consult a doctor and be assured of a company’s standing and claim before buying one.


Vogue Wellness products promise natural and vegetarian biotin tablets for hair growth, clear skin and strong nails. Made with pure ingredients, our biotin tablets are 100 per cent safe to consume.

Its regular consumption offers to improve brittle nails, and its keratin components bring a new shine to the damaged hair, arrests hair fall, gives hair a new volume and strength. Its collagen content heals rashes faster and gives elasticity to the new skin, patches up chapped lips and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Since it helps control sugar level, it is also effective in weight-loss.

This dietary supplement accomplishes the gap for those suffering deficiencies or thinning hair or those who have unwholesome diets. Boasting a high level of biotin, along with Zins and L-cysteine, this product is perfect for people with dry, brittle and weak hair and nails. Bonus: it’s our top-rated hair care supplement!

The combination of Biotin with zinc in our hair growth supplements extend improved keratin synthesis for better hair growth, faster healing and reduction of itching from seasonal skin rashes or redness.

It also offers improved hair texture and strength. Cysteine and methionine infused in these amino acid capsules are the essential amino acids that contribute to protein building in keratin and thus making up of hair, nails and outer layer of skin.

Human hair contains 14% cysteine and there the natural form of cysteine in these biotin tablets for hair assures management of frizz and smoothness of hair strands.



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