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Vogliv DS Capsules

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Liver tonic Capsules

Vogliv DS Capsules and syrup has the main ingredients of Giloy and Bhuiamla. This first ingredient is Giloy works as an excellent anti-oxidant that boosts immunity, helps people with indigestion and offers a strong anti-inflammatory action. On the other hand, Bhuiamla helps in getting rid of various stomach issues.

Key Benefits :
  • Enhances liver health
  • Offers several herbal properties
  • Improves overall immunity and make you stay away from numerous problems
  • Has beneficial properties that improve digestion and appetite too
  • Speeds up the functioning of the liver
  • Helps you get better sleep
  • Makes you stay away from liver infections
  • Protects the liver from toxic materials
  • Promotes digestive actions
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Vogliv DS Capsules
648.00 648.00


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