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Glutathione – Your companion to radiant glowing skin!

Fair skin is a sight for sore eyes, and women, especially the whitish Asians and the Blacks, since the antediluvian time, have resorted to many natural remedies to lighten their skin tones. Apart from genes, the key skin color determiner, afternoon harsh sunlight, and certain sicknesses can also play a spoilsport sometimes!

At a time like this, kitchen ingredients like milk, curd, gram flour, natural fruits, lemon, sandal, honey, turmeric, fuller’s earth, etc. are very effective when applied on the skin in their unprocessed form, either singly or in combination with one or more from the above, and does the required trick by bleaching the skin.

But the time-crunched contemporary working women, averse to going through the cumbrous natural- remedial route, more so, since natural products give an unpleasant odor and litter the bathroom as well, started to look beyond the home remedies, searching for more suitable merchandise at the chemists’ shops.

In this hour of crisis, the medical revolution proved a boon, opening the door to a plethora of new-age cosmetics and medicines which are not just effective but also time-saving, and spares us the unpleasant odor and the litter at the same time!

Waking up to their goodness, even the modern men, who didn’t want to be left behind jumped on the bandwagon and joined the cult, juggling for an appropriate option among various skin-lightening remedies as part of their grooming regimen. And with an increase in demand, skin whitening products became a success story.

Glutathione, a tripeptide, made by the liver using three amino acids: Glutamine acid, cysteine, and glycine, excels as an immunity-boosting and anti-oxidation agent while also effectively whitening the skin in the bargain by blocking the enzyme, tyrosinase that produces melanin, a key darkening agent.

But several other factors like certain sicknesses, infections, lack of nutrients, and the snowballing age can also hamper the natural production of glutathione. So what should one do to maintain an adequate level of glutathione for glowing and white skin?

Vogue Wellness has formulated the Best skin lightening tablets in form of Allure plus and has natural Glutathione. Looking at the natural recourse as the best way forward, let’s begin with changing our food habits and lifestyle.

 Vogue Wellness has formulated glutathione capsules in the form of Allure Plus tablets with the goodness of grape seed extracts and licorice apart from the above ingredients for oral consumption and which are free from any known side effects. And each capsule has the following key contents:

L-Glutathione (natural) 50%

And the good news is that they promise to lighten your skin tone not just as long as you take them but also maintain them after you discontinue their consumption. So, you won’t return to the same old color which you had at the time you started.


ALLURE PLUS has these great alternatives to the painful, dangerous, and expensive ways of bleaching or Skin Lightening. So before you think or go out to the doctor, give it a shot to best!

At Vogue Wellness, we believe that the right knowledge offers you the authority to make lifestyle changes that will have a first-class effect on your skin. This is why we want to educate you on some of the body’s major building blocks and how they affect your outward appearance. After all, a radiant and clear complexion begins from the inside—with the proper ingredients to care for it.

Healthy you, Inside out.

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