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Biotin: The Buzzing VITAMIN! Why is it so important? Let’s start with understanding what exactly is BIOTIN

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that’s a part of the vitamin B complex family

One of the most commonly used beauty vitamins around is biotin. Surf any major retailer or ask your friends about what they take to get longer locks and biotin is sure to be mentioned. Here we uncover the basics of biotin and how this popular vitamin benefits your hair, skin, and nails.
Mostly, a wholesome diet contains adequate vitamin B7 to maintain the biotin level in the body, but sometimes one may fall short of biotin and as a consequence, suffer from conditions like hair fall, scaly red rashes on the skin, and delicate nails, which break easily.

Cognitive health, inflammation, weak liver, tissue repair, cell production, high blood sugar, and bad LDL cholesterol are some other health ranges that biotin can additionally influence and improve effectiveness. It has also been found useful in pregnancy as an essential nutrient for embryonic growth.

Benefits of Biotin

a: Biotin for hair

If you love your hair then biotin is your best friend. Keratin is a basic protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. Biotin improves your body’s keratin infrastructure. This helps in preventing hair loss and improving the growth of silky smooth hair

b: Biotin for nails

The vitamin may also help thicken nail cuticles and prevents breakage.

c: Biotin for skin

B  complex vitamins play a key role in maintaining g taut and supple skin that is  why depleting biotin levels can, play a significant role in skin health.

d: For enhanced metabolism

Biotin assists in energy production. It supports several enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbs, fats, and protein.

  • Natural Sources of BIOTINBiotin can be found in several foods, including
  • ● Egg yolk
    ● Almonds
    ● Organ meats(liver, kidney)● nuts, like almonds, peanuts, pecans,and walnuts ● Nutbutter
    ● Soybeansand other legumes
    ● whole grains and cereals

    ● cauliflower
    ● bananas
    ● Blue cheese and Camembert cheese

  • ● Sweet potatoes
    ● Spinach
    ● mushroomsIt’s highly recommended to take biotin supplement a part of your daily health routine as you might not be able to get adequate biotin from natural sources

One of the best and most trusted beauty Biotin Supplement  Nutrivog strengthens your hair, increases nail thickness, prevents split ends and thinning of hair.

Key Benefits:

  • ●  ForHealthyHair,Skin,andNails
  • ●  Ahairgrowthsupplementformenandwomen
  • ●  Containsbiotin,theessentialvitaminBfactorforhair,nails,andskin
  • ●  Togetherwithessentialaminoacidscysteineandmethionine
  • ●  Vitamins, folic acid, and calcium pantothenate are involved in forming skin, nails, and hair.
  • ●  Plus the healing, repairing, and smoothening capacity of zincWhy Voguewellness!

    Vogue Wellness products promise natural and vegetarian biotin tablets for hair growth, clear skin, and strong nails. Made with pure ingredients, our biotin tablets are 100 percent safe to consume.

    Its regular consumption offers to improve brittle nails, bring a new shine to the damaged hair, arrests hair fall, gives hair a new volume and strength. I gives glow to the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

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