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9 Methods for Healthier, Fuller-Looking Hair

9 Methods for Healthier, Fuller-Looking Hair

It’s said that a long and thick can enhance your personality and give you an undefined look. However, if you’re facing hair loss, then you need to be more conscious about it because growing hair is not a straightforward task.

To solve your hair loss issue, we’ve created a list of 9 methods that will help you stimulate your hair growth and volume with no hassle. But before you dive into these methods, you need to understand that no two people have the same kind of hair. Similar to DNA, each of us has a unique hair type and texture so it might be possible that some of the following tips will not work for you but maybe for others.

Let’s get into these tips and discover the best way to grow healthier and fuller-looking hair.

Boost Up Your Protein Intake

1. Boost Up Your Protein Intake

  • A balanced diet with a proper amount of protein plays a vital role in hair growth and scalp wellbeing. Having an adequate amount of protein in a diet has shown to promote hair loss.
  • Hair comprises tough protein called keratin so consume about 45 grams of protein every day give your hair extra strength. Therefore, in case of hair loss, most Dermatologists suggest consuming the best biotin tablets in India.
  • Also, these days, protein treatments are a very popular option for addressing several hair problems, especially hair loss. They work by covering the outside of your hair strands and follicles with proteins to strengthen them and protect them from wreckage and further damage.

2. Zinc Up Your Diet

  • Hair loss is a common sign of zinc deficiency; therefore, zinc plays a vital role in hair tissue growth and repair.
  • It keeps the oil glands around the follicles so that hair can grow thicker. Plus, zinc is a potent inhibitor of hair follicle regression that speeds up hair follicle recovery.
  • Adding nuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews, almonds or the best biotin tablets in India to your daily routine will fulfil your zinc need and speed up your hair growth.
Zinc Up Your Diet
Add some Omega

3. Add some Omega

  • Omega is known as the treasure of various health benefits, especially for hair growth. Having omega-3 in your diet animate your hair follicles help your hair to grow faster.
  • Our body doesn’t produce this supplement, so we need to take food that contains this supplement. Fish like salmon, sardines and herring are the rich source of Omega-3.
  • If you’re vegan then nuts, seeds and plant oils such as flaxseed oil, soybean oil, and canola oil would be the best option for you. Adding Omega with the best biotin tablets for hair growth in India will give you the better and quick result that you are looking for.

4. Massage Hair with Essential Oils

  • Scalp massage with essential oils stretching the cells of hair follicles that enhance hair thickness and strength. This spurs the follicles to provide thicker hair. It’s also believed that oil massage may help dilate blood vessels beneath the skin and stimulating hair growth.
  • Essential Oils like coconut, mustard, castor and olive strengthen the hair root that lessens hair fall. Also, they prevent hair dryness and split ends, which eventually leads to glistening and glossier hair.
Massage Hair with Essential Oils
Understand your hair type

5. Understand your hair type

  • There is always a clashing opinion about how often one should cleanse his/her hair? However, this boils down to individual preference and needs. If your scalp is inflamed, dull, unhealthy and full of toxins, then cleansing your hair thrice in a day would be a better option for you.
  • If you’ve slick hair then you may need to cleanse your hair consistently and if it’s dry then cleanser your hair less regularly.

6. Choose the Right cleanser

  • Using hard cleansers that contain an exorbitant amount of the chemical that can adversely affect your hair. Choosing the right cleanser for your hair will help you get rid of excess dirt, debris and oils which can be accumulated in your scalp and made their way on to your hair.
  • Avoid shampoos with unforgiving fixings, for example, sodium lauryl sulphate or ammonium lauryl sulphate. Remember that expense doesn’t show the nature of an item.
Choose the Right cleanser
Give Aloe Vera Touch to Your Hair

7. Give Aloe Vera Touch to Your Hair

  • Aloe is a healing plant that people have used for many centuries. It contains essential vitamins such as A, C, and E that fostering healthy cell growth and repair damaged hair. It also comprises Vitamin B12 and folic acid that makes your hair strong and thick.
  • Rubbing Aloe vera into hair and scalp gives your hair a shiny touch. Along with aloe vera, consuming the best biotin tablets in India will stimulate your hair growth and resolve the scalp inflammation that dandruff causes.

8. Add some caffeine-infused products

  • We all know that caffeine is a vital source of energy booster but also it can promote hair growth from root to the initial phase of hair growth.
  • Applying coffee tropically on the scalp and hair promotes healthy hair regrowth.
Add some caffeine-infused products
Limit Hair Dryer Use and Remove Split Ends

9. Limit Hair Dryer Use and Remove Split Ends

  • Drying hair through a hairdryer can weak your hair and scalp. The heat of the dryer makes your hair light and dry which cause breakage and shorter hair strength.
  • Apart from regular dryer use, you need to get rid of damaged, dry and split ends. Untreated split ends can work their way up the stem of your hair strand that can cause even more breakage.
  • So, the better you care for your hair, the less often you’ll need trims, and grow your hair naturally.


  • There is no secret formula for instant hair growth, but taking a healthy diet that includes key nutrients and an adequate amount of protein gives you a better result.
  • If you want to grow your hair then come with the right plan and be patient because growing hair naturally can take a long time. So, try to be more creative with remedies and nourishing products, mix them up properly so that it will give you quick result.
  • Plus, it’s important to give some time to your hair each day in nourishing them to get the luscious look that you desire. Following the above methods and tips will be extra beneficial for you if your hair loss is related to any stress or emotional related issue.
  • If you are still anxious about hair loss or have trouble getting your hair to grow, then try some best biotin tablets for hair growth in India. Biotin is known as a water-soluble vitamin that is a part of the vitamin B family. Our body needs biotin because it helps to convert certain nutrients into energy that boost hair recovery. Loss of hair and scaly red rashes is the sign that your body is not getting enough biotin.
  • Therefore, stay positive in your life and do your best for your worthy hair with the above tips that will help you get thick and long shining hair. If the above methods will not work for you then please concern your doctor!

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